the latest statistics on the number of ports PRs

Mark Linimon linimon at
Tue Jan 6 20:04:01 PST 2004

> What's the next target?

You? :-)

Oh, it's a joke, it's a joke ...

scottl wants to try to throw the KSE switch in a month or so,
that'll be fun.  Then there is the ongoing gcc3.3 grind.  Apparently,
Marcus is holding off any bento runs until 5.2 is out the door,
which is probably wise, but there have been several hundred checkins
since the last run so no telling where we are on that.  (OTOH I
think I have all the rest of the known-broken ones labeled now).

But probably in a few days, once I get over the Creeping Crud, I'm
going to start pushing towards, ah, "helping certain maintainers
out with their decision to either fix their PRs or abandon their
ports".  There are ~600 assigned PRs and that's the only way
to get much further than where we are right now.

You'll probably get to your next round of port deletion before
all that, though (Feb?), although I'd like to see my PR for
trying to add a DEPRECATED makevar go in before that so people
could look at the list.

Then, there is my continuing hope to eventually move the ports
monitoring code onto a FreeBSD server so I could get my second-
fastest machine back ...

Of course, now that everyone is back in town, I'll be able to
start trying to find a full-time job again.  If that happens,
all bets are off, FreeBSD-wise :-)

(And no fair calling prospective employers in Austin and telling
them that I'm an asshole, just so the project can get more work
out of me; even if it is true)


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