possible new port, dd_rescue

clayton rollins crollins666 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 5 22:59:15 PST 2004

Sergey 'DoubleF' Zaharchenko <doublef at tele-kom.ru> wrote:
>"clayton rollins" <crollins666 at hotmail.com> probably wrote:
> > Hi list,
> > > This tool was suggested to me by a fellow developer
> > who uses Linux. dd_rescue is similar to dd, but is
> > meant to be graceful when errors are encountered,
> > instead of faulting and not allowing the dump.
># dd conv=sync,noerror if=/dev/whatever of=/dev/whatever
>and no port is needed:)
>If you still think it's a good thing to have such a prgram, be so kind
>as to send a PR.


No, no, no. One of the reasons I wrote the list was to find if such
functionality already existed.

Thanks for clarifying for me.

Happy hacking, :)

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