Current unassigned ports problem reports

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Mon Jan 5 11:03:00 PST 2004

Current FreeBSD problem reports

The following is a listing of current problems submitted by FreeBSD users.
These represent problem reports covering all versions including
experimental development code and obsolete releases.

Bugs can be in one of several states:

o - open
     A problem report has been submitted, no sanity checking performed.

a - analyzed
     The problem is understood and a solution is being sought.

f - feedback
     Further work requires additional information from the
     originator or the community - possibly confirmation of
     the effectiveness of a proposed solution.

p - patched
     A patch has been committed, but some issues (MFC and / or
     confirmation from originator) are still open.

s - suspended
     The problem is not being worked on, due to lack of information
     or resources.  This is a prime candidate
     for somebody who is looking for a project to do.
     If the problem cannot be solved at all,
     it will be closed, rather than suspended.

c - closed
     A problem report is closed when any changes have been integrated,
     documented, and tested -- or when fixing the problem is abandoned.

Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2003/06/28] ports/53874 ports-bugs  /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base isn't wor
o [2003/07/08] ports/54230 ports-bugs  fsck_ext2fs is broken (unable to perform 
f [2003/11/16] ports/59360 ports-bugs  port logjam2 does not compile
o [2003/11/29] ports/59805 ports-bugs  www/rt3: problem with RT 3.0.7 on FreeBSD
o [2003/12/04] ports/59946 ports-bugs  [fix] multimedia/mplayer: bktr input not 
o [2003/12/11] ports/60170 ports-bugs  x11-clocks/xalarm (3.06) can fail in Dece
o [2004/01/05] ports/60923 ports-bugs  Update to netams-3.1(1790)

7 problems total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2000/10/02] ports/21714 ports-bugs  audio problem with games/nil
o [2002/04/07] ports/36846 ports-bugs  fxtv 1.03 freezes the system when $LANG=d
o [2002/04/22] ports/37361 ports-bugs  installing gcc30 port breaks devel/gettex
s [2002/05/27] ports/38602 ports-bugs  x11-wm/tvtwm is confused about PREFIX
f [2002/07/16] ports/40672 ports-bugs  wsoundserver defaults to using esound and
o [2002/11/27] ports/45805 ports-bugs  security/sfs does not build on Alpha
s [2002/12/17] ports/46338 ports-bugs  security/cyrus-sasl 1.5.27_7 mysql_verify
o [2002/12/25] ports/46530 ports-bugs  x11-toolkits/gtkada links against unexist
o [2003/01/10] ports/46964 ports-bugs  Failure when running "make install" on ex
f [2003/01/31] ports/47768 ports-bugs  print/ghostscript-afpl gv (3.5.8_1) can't
o [2003/04/10] ports/50795 ports-bugs  misc/solfege does not function
s [2003/04/11] ports/50844 ports-bugs  MPlayer fails to build on Alpha
o [2003/04/18] ports/51128 ports-bugs  It is not possible to build security/drwe
o [2003/05/02] ports/51711 ports-bugs  /usr/ports/emulators/linux_base will not 
o [2003/05/02] ports/51714 ports-bugs  emulators/linux_base port fails to instal
o [2003/06/17] ports/53414 ports-bugs  port security/amavis-perl open filedescri
o [2003/07/28] ports/54970 ports-bugs  emulators/linux_base Port Makefile "dange
f [2003/08/15] ports/55611 ports-bugs  Clamav port package build fails on 5.x wh
o [2003/08/15] kern/55617  ports-bugs  Accessing an nsmb-mounted drive via a smb
o [2003/08/24] ports/55948 ports-bugs  install of ports/emulators/linux_base fil
o [2003/09/02] ports/56359 ports-bugs  new port: www/adzap2squirm
o [2003/09/07] ports/56567 ports-bugs  mail/spamass-milter fails in configure st
o [2003/09/21] ports/57056 ports-bugs  libsm and libsmutil not installed -> fail
o [2003/10/03] ports/57552 ports-bugs  cannot install www/frontpage: pkg_create:
o [2003/10/09] ports/57790 ports-bugs  cdparanoia triggers kernel panic
o [2003/10/12] ports/57897 ports-bugs  Portupgrade of mplayer to latest version 
o [2003/10/13] ports/57956 ports-bugs  New port: java/eclipse-pmd plugin
o [2003/10/30] ports/58724 ports-bugs  `www/mod_perl' install MAN3 pages on in s
o [2003/11/04] ports/58920 ports-bugs  lang/php4 compiles with unexcpected libs
f [2003/11/06] ports/58998 ports-bugs  [PATCH] Update security/drweb to 4.30
o [2003/11/18] ports/59444 ports-bugs  New port: print/tipa, a package that prov
o [2003/12/09] ports/60081 ports-bugs  x11/nvidia driver should install in to /b
o [2003/12/18] ports/60386 ports-bugs  new ports/firebird has broken lang/php5
o [2003/12/21] ports/60479 ports-bugs  x11-toolkits/p5-Tk800
o [2003/12/24] ports/60540 ports-bugs  teamspeak is not litening on port 14534 f
o [2004/01/05] ports/60921 ports-bugs  [maintainer security update] update disti
o [2004/01/05] ports/60940 ports-bugs  Port ez-ipupdate requires updating to new
o [2004/01/05] ports/60942 ports-bugs  net/zabbix should depend on net/fping
o [2004/01/05] ports/60949 ports-bugs  Two packages overwrite the same man file:

39 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
s [2001/01/12] ports/24299 ports-bugs  New port sysutils/tpconfig: configure the
o [2001/01/30] ports/24749 ports-bugs  mysql323-server pkg-install script doesn'
o [2001/09/30] ports/30929 ports-bugs  [net/pppoa] use usbd to initialize USB AD
a [2001/11/12] ports/31943 ports-bugs  mysql323-server port hostname look up fai
o [2001/12/04] ports/32508 ports-bugs  www/flashplugin-mozilla has malloc bug
s [2002/03/01] ports/35459 ports-bugs  portupgrade doesn't clean up dependencies
o [2002/04/17] ports/37186 ports-bugs  Dbview contains an error, because of whic
o [2002/05/13] ports/38034 ports-bugs  compaq-cc (under linux-emu) installes man
s [2002/06/18] ports/39476 ports-bugs  profxp will run but when you fxp a file i
o [2002/08/25] ports/42018 ports-bugs  pkg_info with PKG_PATH searches through t
o [2002/09/10] ports/42642 ports-bugs  cfexecd needs symlink, cfexecd, cfservd a
f [2002/09/29] ports/43484 ports-bugs  Update port net/arla to 0.35.9
o [2002/10/09] ports/43880 ports-bugs  Names of Emacs ports are misleading
o [2002/12/02] ports/45911 ports-bugs  GEOM-related problem sysutils/diskcheckd 
o [2002/12/23] ports/46510 ports-bugs  security/ssh does not correctly store the
o [2003/02/02] ports/47834 ports-bugs  mysql-server-3.23.55 upgrade should be mo
o [2003/04/11] ports/50840 ports-bugs  mail/squirrelmail - Port Docs in wrong lo
o [2003/04/17] ports/51087 ports-bugs  spamass-milter can not be built with send
f [2003/06/02] ports/52877 ports-bugs  Non-Maintainer-Update: mail/postfix add s
o [2003/06/04] ports/52941 ports-bugs  security/poc card-terminal problems
o [2003/06/23] ports/53636 ports-bugs  Suggestion for rc.d style startup scripts
f [2003/06/25] ports/53740 ports-bugs  New port: science/fluka - Linux Monte Car
f [2003/07/03] ports/54059 ports-bugs  New port: www/zope-psycopg, database adap
o [2003/07/09] ports/54298 ports-bugs  New port irc/kvirc, KVIrc 3.0.0
o [2003/07/10] ports/54352 ports-bugs  Conversion rc.d scripts to RC_NG
f [2003/07/24] ports/54814 ports-bugs  New port: hungarian/hunspell version 0.9.
o [2003/08/01] ports/55143 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] math/koctave3: KDEGUI for octa
o [2003/08/08] ports/55371 ports-bugs  xfig dumps core (unaligned access), if US
o [2003/08/23] ports/55896 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/mozplugger
o [2003/08/28] ports/56091 ports-bugs  hp220 driver for print/ghostscript-gnu do
o [2003/09/01] ports/56266 ports-bugs  [new port] net/jffnms - Very advanced net
f [2003/09/02] ports/56307 ports-bugs  [PATCH] esound, sdl support for games/fre
o [2003/09/02] ports/56308 ports-bugs  NEW port math/itl (with LAM support)
o [2003/09/06] ports/56536 ports-bugs  New Port: www/CGI-Application-ValidateRM 
o [2003/09/08] ports/56597 ports-bugs  bad startup perfomance of mpg123 with pcm
o [2003/09/09] ports/56658 ports-bugs  Convert security/amavisd startup scripts 
s [2003/09/16] ports/56928 ports-bugs  jce-aba port should install to $JAVA_HOME
o [2003/09/23] ports/57143 ports-bugs  modules in flash shell broken
o [2003/09/24] ports/57162 ports-bugs  The latest stable release of DansGuardian
f [2003/09/24] ports/57198 ports-bugs  multimedia/xmms fix to work with CDDA und
o [2003/10/02] ports/57521 ports-bugs  New Port - databases/py-sybase
o [2003/10/03] ports/57525 ports-bugs  New port: databases/katalog, data CDs cat
o [2003/10/09] ports/57789 ports-bugs  New port of converters/asr10, access to E
o [2003/10/10] ports/57860 ports-bugs  New port: science/ovt: Orbit Visualizatio
o [2003/10/13] ports/57943 ports-bugs  isc-dhcp3 port broken with lots of interf
o [2003/10/14] ports/58015 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] www/apache-forrest: A tool for
o [2003/10/14] ports/58025 ports-bugs  [New port] x11/xterm: xterm built with 88
f [2003/10/14] ports/58053 ports-bugs  New port: chinese/ftpd
o [2003/10/16] ports/58108 ports-bugs  Update port: textproc/xhtml-1.1 (use xmlc
o [2003/10/22] ports/58399 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse - PHP Eclipse a
o [2003/10/22] ports/58400 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse_sql - PHPEclips
o [2003/10/22] ports/58401 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse_tidy - PHPEclip
o [2003/10/22] ports/58402 ports-bugs  New port: java/phpeclipse_phphelp - PHP a
f [2003/10/25] ports/58516 ports-bugs  Update port: devel/asmutils
o [2003/10/28] ports/58661 ports-bugs  New port: www/mozex, external programs in
o [2003/10/28] ports/58662 ports-bugs  New port: www/preferential, GUI interface
o [2003/10/29] ports/58709 ports-bugs  New port: net/ksambaplugin, a KDE 3.x Con
f [2003/10/31] ports/58785 ports-bugs  qcad build breaks
o [2003/11/02] ports/58839 ports-bugs  [REPOCOPY WAITING] add gtk2 ability to ga
o [2003/11/02] ports/58847 ports-bugs  New port: french/mozilla-flp - Mozilla Fr
o [2003/11/07] ports/59047 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] multimedia/freevo: Freevo is a
o [2003/11/08] ports/59059 ports-bugs  New port: x11/silo: a simple X11 launcher
o [2003/11/08] ports/59061 ports-bugs  Error in NeverwinterNights install
o [2003/11/10] ports/59157 ports-bugs  [New Port]:: www/moregroupware
o [2003/11/11] ports/59168 ports-bugs  ports/lang/gauche does not install info f
o [2003/11/12] ports/59221 ports-bugs  New port: news/fidogate-ds. A fresh branc
s [2003/11/12] ports/59239 ports-bugs  new port audio/tse3, a midi library
s [2003/11/12] ports/59243 ports-bugs  new port audio/anthem, a KDE midi sequenc
o [2003/11/14] ports/59293 ports-bugs  New port: deskutils/journal is a tool for
o [2003/11/17] ports/59371 ports-bugs  new port: net/smb4k, KDE SMB network brow
o [2003/11/19] ports/59479 ports-bugs  Build depends not checked properly for se
o [2003/11/23] ports/59630 ports-bugs  lang/php4: PHP configuration options add 
o [2003/11/23] ports/59632 ports-bugs  lang/php5: PHP configuration options add 
o [2003/11/27] ports/59724 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] net/aMule (supersedes ports/59
o [2003/11/30] ports/59817 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] irc/srvx: Srvx IRC services
f [2003/11/30] ports/59862 ports-bugs  update sysutils/LPRng to 3.8.23, also fix
f [2003/11/30] ports/59863 ports-bugs  [non maintainer] Unbreak graphics/evolvot
o [2003/12/08] ports/60042 ports-bugs  New port: Text manipulation and autodetec
o [2003/12/12] ports/60185 ports-bugs  [New Port] www/w3-emacs21 WWW browser bas
o [2003/12/16] ports/60299 ports-bugs  New port: print/kaspaliste (KDE/Postgres/
o [2003/12/19] ports/60408 ports-bugs  New Port: Pnet 0.6.0
o [2003/12/19] ports/60409 ports-bugs  new port: pnetlib
o [2003/12/19] ports/60413 ports-bugs  New Port: pnetC 0.6.0
f [2003/12/20] ports/60431 ports-bugs  [new port]: devel/oskit
o [2003/12/21] ports/60453 ports-bugs  New Port: lang/ml-pnet
o [2003/12/21] ports/60472 ports-bugs  [New Port] devel/doxymacs Doxymacs is Dox
f [2003/12/21] ports/60473 ports-bugs  New port databases/db3-tcl
o [2003/12/21] ports/60476 ports-bugs  devel/boost: Links to examples in online 
f [2003/12/22] ports/60497 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] net/p5-File-RsyncP: Perl Rsync
o [2003/12/24] ports/60541 ports-bugs  support Berkeley DB 4.1 in ports/lang/php
o [2003/12/25] ports/60557 ports-bugs  print/cups port lacks of building tunable
s [2003/12/26] ports/60584 ports-bugs  [REPOCOPY WAITING] sysutils/userneu-devel
f [2003/12/26] ports/60585 ports-bugs  ZMailer 2.99.56 is available, can be comp
o [2003/12/26] ports/60604 ports-bugs  [update] p5-Locale-Maketext-Simple
o [2003/12/27] ports/60645 ports-bugs  New port: japanese/multiskkserv
f [2003/12/29] ports/60708 ports-bugs  [non maintainer] Update editors/kile to 1
o [2003/12/29] ports/60715 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] deskutils/moregroupware: A web
f [2003/12/30] ports/60728 ports-bugs  [Change-request] ports: mail/amavis-perl
o [2004/01/01] ports/60810 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/srilm
o [2004/01/03] ports/60858 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/p5-Lingua-PT-Stemmer
o [2004/01/03] ports/60859 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem-It
o [2004/01/03] ports/60860 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/Lingua-Stem-Snowball-D
o [2004/01/03] ports/60861 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/Lingua-Stem-Snowball-N
o [2004/01/03] ports/60862 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/Lingua-Stem-Snowball-S
o [2004/01/03] ports/60863 ports-bugs  New port: textproc/p5-Text-German
o [2004/01/03] ports/60864 ports-bugs  Update port: textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem
o [2004/01/03] ports/60866 ports-bugs  Remove port www/gnujsp?
o [2004/01/03] ports/60879 ports-bugs  Reintroduce port: sysutils/arson
f [2004/01/04] ports/60910 ports-bugs  [new port] mail/graphdefang
o [2004/01/04] ports/60912 ports-bugs  [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] Update lang/fpc to 1.
o [2004/01/04] ports/60915 ports-bugs  Update ports: japanese/yc.el
o [2004/01/05] ports/60922 ports-bugs  New port: www/opera-devel, preview versio
o [2004/01/05] ports/60945 ports-bugs  New port: bsdbktr_tvtune - a console bktr
o [2004/01/05] ports/60948 ports-bugs  [NEW PORT] devel/ace: A slave port to dev

114 problems total.

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