qcad, fonts

David Raistrick drais at wow.atlasta.net
Sat Jan 3 20:53:13 PST 2004


I've been twiddling with qcad a bit lately, trying to learn it...I finally
tracked down part of the problems I've been having:

qcad can't find it's fonts.

>From what I gather, it's looking for fonts in the following locations
(from kdump):

 66388 qcad     NAMI  "/usr/share/qcad/fonts"
 66388 qcad     NAMI  "/usr/X11R6/qcad/fonts"
 66388 qcad     NAMI  "/usr/X11R6/share/qcad/fonts"
 66388 qcad     NAMI  "/home/keen/.qcad/fonts"

This fairly matches the documentation,

The docs don't mention the X11R6, though.

The _1 port installs the fonts in /usr/local/share/qcad/fonts, instead.

As test, I symlinked /usr/share/qcad to /usr/local/share/qcad, restarted
qcad, and it can now find its fonts.

I've also tested a symlink to /usr/X11R6/share/qcad, which also works.

Perhaps such a symlink should be performed by the port?  (or install the
share/qcad in a different location?)



david raistrick
drais at atlasta.net		http://www.expita.com/nomime.html

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