FreeBSD Port: linux-opengroupware-1.0

Randy Zagar jrzagar at
Sat Jan 3 12:33:53 PST 2004


Would you be interested in helping out with a port of OpenGroupware that 
doesn't use the linux-compatability modules?

Unfortunately the requirements for the current linux-opengroupware port 
aren't compatible with my hosting providers' environment and I've had to 
build OGo from scratch.  The specific conflicts I've had are:

1.  The servers available to me aren't configured to support the linux 
modules, and
2.  The servers aren't using Apache-2.x

I will probably have to build my own OGo port some time in the next few 
weeks, but I won't have time to be the maintainer.

Are you interested?  Or know someone else who might be?

-Randy Zagar

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