Porting Software Written in Ada

Matthias Andree ma at dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de
Fri Jan 2 17:35:44 PST 2004

"Li-lun Wang (Leland Wang)" <llwang at infor.org> writes:

> I am making a FreeBSD port for a software written in Ada. There does not
> seem to be any software in Ada in the FreeBSD ports right now, and I have
> several questions about the dependencies:

Note I don't have Ada experience on FreeBSD, but I do have some ports

> 1. I make the software build_depend on lang/gnat; is it correct?

lang/gnat-glade uses
BUILD_DEPENDS=  adagcc:${PORTSDIR}/lang/gnat

That should work.

> 2. I notice that the resulting executable depends on libgnat-3.15.so.1.
>    How should I write the LIB_DEPENDS? The "3.15" part is actually the
>    variable $LIBRARY_VERSION in lang/gnat/Makefile. Should include
>    lang/gnat/Makefile somehow or hard code 3.15 into my Makefile?

As GNAT doesn't change often, I'd personally find
LIB_DEPENDS=gnat-3.15.1:${PORTSDIR}/lang/gnat (or whatever the path is)
fine: that's the version you have tested the port with, and that you
know it'll work with without changes.

> 3. What should I do if I hope the package not lib_depend on libgnat like
>    the cvsup package which does not depend on m3?

You might offer an option to link libgnat statically, but I cannot tell
you how to do this with Ada code. If it's regular C linkage,

ld ... -static -lgnat -Bdynamic -lc ...

would do the job, where ... is a list of other linker objects,
libraries, whatever else goes into the executable of your port.


Matthias Andree

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