Lost maintainers

Kirill Ponomarew krion at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jan 2 06:09:31 PST 2004


On Fri, Jan 02, 2004 at 06:56:38AM +0300, Sergey Matveychuk wrote:
> I think we need to make some procedure of taking off the maintainership 
> from "lost" maintainers. I mean maintainers who keep silence for a 
> long-long time.
> I know at least two such maintainers for www/squid and devel/boost ports.
> They block ports updates with their silence.
> We can give them back the maintainership if they will back.

We're missing something like policy from portmgr@ imo,
concerning this issue. If the maintainer is not able to handle
his own PRs within 2-3 months, maintainership should be dropped
to ports at FreeBSD.org. It's a hard approach, but in such case we
can work with PRs more effective way.

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