Suggestions for an interim perl upgrade?

Christopher Nehren apeiron at
Fri Feb 27 12:14:08 PST 2004

>I have a production server that needs badbly to have it's perl
>installation upgraded to perl 5.8.3 right now and I'd like to know if
>there's any best practice to do the upgrade without conflicting with
>it's port (and the portupgrade tool), when released.

I filed a PR more than a month ago (ports/61444) which provides an
upgrade for lang/perl5.8. It's still awaiting approval (hint, hint). 
I've been running it since I submitted it without a single issue
(WITH_THREADS, to boot!). It's not official, but I've been using it
non-stop for over a month.

>Another concern regards to upgrading various perl dependent (also p5-*)
>ports with this manual perl 5.8.3 installation using portupgrade: does
>this work 100%? And when the official perl port is released, will the
>portupgrade be able to correctly handle the future upgrades?

I followed the normal upgrade procedure after applying my patch and
installing 5.8.3. Again, no problems, but this isn't official (yet)

Speaking of: can someone _please_ take a look at ports/61444? I've CC'd 
tobez previously (see message ID 
20040220183953.GA977 at, but haven't received a
response yet.

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