FreeBSD Port: squid-2.5.4_10

Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck at
Fri Feb 27 05:16:46 PST 2004

* Wladimir Mutel (mwg at

> Having upgraded our squid by portupgrade to 2.5.4_10 (obtained by cvsup),
> we noticed the following behaviour (in cache.log) :
> 2004/02/24 15:35:20| /var/run/ (13) Permission denied
> 2004/02/24 15:35:20| WARNING: Could not write pid file
> May be this is due to introduction of 'squid' user that is set by 'su' 
> before starting squid itself.

Yes, this is the cause of your problem.

> How should we resolve this problem ? Should we change the location of pid 
> file, or should we go other way ?

The default location of the pid file is
$PREFIX/local/squid/logs/ You can use that or any other
directory that is writable by the squid user and supply it in squid.conf
as pid_filename. Of course you can always replace the supplied
with your own script where you start squid as root and let it drop
privileges itself, then you should be able to continue using /var/run to
store the pid file.

Best regards,
Thomas-Martin Seck

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