postgresql installation DON`T WORK(need gettext)

Michael Clark MClark at
Thu Feb 26 09:42:35 PST 2004

Simply creating a symlink from to will probably
correct his problem.
Its probably not the correct way to deal with this, but it should work.

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> I has gettext-0.12 and installed postgresql
> Today I am updade ports and try install postgresql dtatbase.(Postgresql
> Makefile have date : 2004/02/05)
> It need gettext-0.13.
> I am reinstall gettext and try install postgresql again:
> ===>  Building for postgresql-7.4.1_1
> /libexec/ Shared object "" not found
> *** Error code 1
> Stop in /usr/ports/databases/postgresql7
What does a 'make -V LIB_DEPENDS say, on my FreeBSD-4.x system it shows:

gnugetopt.1:/usr/ports/devel/libgnugetopt intl.6:/usr/ports/devel/gettext

NOTE: on FreeBSD-5.x it only shows a dependancy on the gettext port.

If you don't get the above, then your /usr/ports/Mk/ is out of
date. Make sure you are cvsuping the entire ports collection.


I did have a problem building postgresql7 when I set PREFIX to an alternate

    cd /usr/ports/databases/postgresql7
    make build PREFIX=/usr/local2

Since I didn't have either of the libgnugetopt or gettext ports installed,
the PREFIX setting was passed down to these ports and they were installed
into /usr/local2.  This caused the configure stage for postgresql7 to fail,
as it wasn't able to find the libgnugetopt library in /usr/local/lib.  I was
able to solve that problem by setting LOCALBASE to /usr/local2 also.

Otherwise the postgresql7 port built without any problems.


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