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Markus Brueffer markus at
Thu Feb 26 09:10:54 PST 2004

On Thursday 26 February 2004 15:57, Gustavo Fukao wrote:
> I need som e help to port, and its needs
> mntemt.h
> these functions
> getmntent
> setmntent
> endmntent
> I have looked for it at fam/port
> and I saw a mntent.h (but can build the project),
> a mntent(compat with freebsd) the same above.

Yes, these are additional files to provide the above mentioned functions, 
since they are not available on FreeBSD out of the box.

> Anyone where can I find a substitute way to get this functions?

You can just reuse these two files. I'm doing it myself in sysutils/filelight 
and it works without a glitch. Just add them to the files-directory and copy 
them to the desired location in the post-patch target. Don't forget to 
connect them to the build of your program (see the patches of filelight for 
an easy way to do so, without adding too many additional patches).

If you have any further problems with it, please provide some more information 
about what doesn't work in detail. :)


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