FreeBSD Port: bind9-9.2.3 old nsupdate persists when PORT_REPLACES_BASE_BIND9 is used (fix included)

James Saint-Rossy, Thomas james.saint-rossy at
Mon Feb 23 14:58:01 PST 2004

First thanks for maintaining the port it's a staple for me here and your hard
work is appreciated.

I noticed when install with the PORT_REPLACES_BASE_BIND9 that installs
/usr/bin/nsupdate but leaved /usr/sbin/nsupdate.  This caused some confusion
recently because the base nsupdate doesn't understand the "zone" command.  I've
included a patch that renames the old nsupdate to nsupdate.old.

Thanks again, James Saint-Rossy.

*** Makefile.orig       Mon Feb 23 17:27:21 2004
--- Makefile    Mon Feb 23 18:00:30 2004
*** 104,109 ****
--- 104,113 ----
                ${WRKSRC}/README ${DOCSDIR}/

+       ${MV} /usr/sbin/nsupdate /usr/sbin/nsupdate.old
+ .endif
        @${CAT} ${PKGMESSAGE}

  .include <>

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