got unfetchable distfile message. what to do?

clayton rollins crollins666 at
Sat Feb 21 10:28:51 PST 2004

Hi ports,

I just got a message saying the distfile for
net/gtk-gnutella, which I maintain, is unfetchable.
Doing a make fetch from the directory gets the
distfile just fine, so I don't think the problem lies

Checking the log,
, shows the following:

File: gtk-gnutella-0.93.3.tar.bz2 has 7 possible URLs: 0 OK, 0 bad, 7 
Port maintainer: crollins666 at Not 
checked (Last actual result NEVER [checked 0 times since Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 
1969 , last time was Wed Dec 31 16:00:00 1969 ])
[snipped; same for other sourceforge mirrors.]

So, my main question is: is there some special
reason the sites are "skipped"?

At first, I thought it may be one of sourceforge's
service outages, but I would think that that would
make the URL's "bad".

Please advise on what to do.


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