awfldcy02 at awfldcy02 at
Thu Feb 19 22:30:24 PST 2004

Dear cadubi package maintainers,
I've updated cadubi to version 1.3. I've tried to make it a bit
more Unix-friendly and apply a tiny amount of knowledge that
I've acquired in the five years since I last touched the code.
I am now releasing cadubi under "the same terms as Perl itself"
to hopefully clear up some licensing issues. Also, there's now
a single executable (duh) and the path to the help file is
modifiable at the top of the script. The shebang line might have
to be changed from #!/usr/bin/perl as well.
The new version can be downloaded at:
Thanks for your support,
Ian Langworth
Project Guerrilla
Northeastern University
College of Computer and Information Science

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