pcb-20030815 broken on alpha 4.x

bruno schwander bruno at tinkerbox.org
Thu Feb 19 13:08:50 PST 2004


I submitted an update to port/cad/pcb a month ago. Now I see in
CVS that the port is scheduled for removal on April 7 !!

I thought the issue we had emailed about recently had been fixed; it was a
simple missing dependency on tcl, and it is present in the Makefile now.

I just tried building it again, and it does build. So I find
surprising, when I see in CVS that it does not build on 4.x nor 5.x and
that the port will simply be removed...

I'd be more than happy to solve problems on that port, if only I had some
feedback on what the problem is, as I do not seem to have any and I have
feedback from other users who use that port without problems either.

I checked bento at
http://bento.freebsd.org/errorlogs/i386-4-latest/pcb-20030815.log the only
listed error is that wish/tcl dependency that has been fixed, so if there
is anything else I'd be happy to work on it, but otherwise, please remove
the BROKEN tag on that port.

Please let me know how I can work on fixing this. It builds on my 4.8 i386
machine, it is hard to see why it does not build on bento.

If anyone on this list would be so kind to just build/install that port,
and let me know (uname -a) and the result of the build, it would help me
greatly solving any problems left with that port.

Thank you,


PS: There is a new pcb version. I just submitted a PR (# 63078 ) to update
this port to version 20040215. Please check if this builds correctly.

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