Testers needed: sysutils/pkg_install-devel

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Thu Feb 19 04:00:46 PST 2004

Dear port users,

I need your help testing some new features in the pkg_install tools.

The best way would be to just do:
  cd /usr/ports/sysutils/pkg_install-devel; make PREFIX=/usr install
to just replace your base system tools. After that the ports system
should run as usual.
To revert to the base system tools, you can just deinstall the port.

This is a development version of the 5.x tools, so 4.x users will
loose pkg_update.

New features are:

PR 56961:

- a more stringent version number definition

- also included is the use of `+' in vversion numbers, an incompatible
  change that gives 1.0.1+2003.09.16 > 1.0+2003.09.16
  (mentioned differently in PR 56961)

- new flags -E, -T, -X

PR 56989:

- fix display of tar+zipped packages
- new flag -j

PR 57029:

- robustness against corrupted package database

An regression that might be introduced is that the time to check
tar+zipped packages may have increased, please report if this turns
out to be problematic on your machine.

The CVS history is available at:

Thanks for your help, and happy testing.

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