www/lynx-ssl doesn't build with ssl

Jon Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Wed Feb 18 13:48:41 PST 2004

lynx-ssl does not build with SSL because the CONFIGURE_ARGS= line in 
lynx/Makefile is overriding the CONFIGURE_ARGS+= line in 
lynx-ssl/Makefile.  This makes sense (to me, at least) because 
lynx/Makefile is included _after_ the CONFIGURE_ARGS+= in 
lynx-ssl/Makefile (portlint requires slave ports to include the master 
Makefile on the last line).

My workaround was to change the CONFIGURE_ARGS= in lynx/Makefile to a 
+=, but this is probably not the best way to handle it.  Other slave 
ports seem to handle this situation by defining a WITH_FOO or 
WITHOUT_BAR variable and having the master port check for this (see 
www/mod_php4 and lang/php4 for an example using WITHOUT_CLI).

Jon Noack

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