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Wed Feb 18 10:27:00 PST 2004

On Wed, 18 Feb 2004 03:15:02 -0500, Adam McLaurin <adam.mclaurin at gmx.net> 

> On 18 Feb 2004 01:27:43 -0500
> Adam Weinberger <adamw at magnesium.net> wrote:
>> Please reconsider removing flashpluginwrapper. I find it ludicrous
>> that
>> I should have to manually apply a patch every time I want to update my
>> system. As flashpluginwrapper works, there is no harm in allowing it
>> to
>> remain in the tree until such time as -STABLE actually support
>> linuxpluginwrapper.
>> This port is not deprecated. It is still of use to those of us who
>> don't
>> wish to be manually applying patches to src all the time.
>> # Adam
> Hmmm, who wants to remove it? I think many people are still using it
> (myself included)!
> I second Adam's plea; don't remove it!

I agree about to not remove it if this port is still function and work. If 
it's broke and nobody can fix it, then it's ok to remove it.


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