Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKS

Cy Schubert Cy.Schubert at komquats.com
Tue Feb 17 11:20:38 PST 2004

In message <20040217165207.GC2226 at schweikhardt.net>, Jens Schweikhardt 
> [...]
> # >  MAINTAINER=	llevier at argosnet.com
> # >  COMMENT=	Bruce Force Attack Utility working on multiple network services
> # >  
> # > +LATEST_LINK=	security/hydra
> # 
> # No, that's illegal, this is supposed to be the name of a symlink in
> # Latest/, so you can't use a subdirectory.
> And even though I came to feel the Bruce Force, I think that's a typo,
> isn't it?

When I first saw this I thought so too, however a search for "Bruce Force" 
on Google seems to indicate that it's some kind of password cracker. Many 
of the docs I found are in German and as I don't use that language much any 
more, my German reading skills are pretty rusty these days. Given that the 
words are capitalised seems to indicate that it is intended as a name. The 
port's maintainer might possibly enlighten us.

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