Libraries with threading and debugging support

Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Tue Feb 17 06:49:14 PST 2004

Simon Barner wrote:

> - Install both a shared and a static version (like other ports do)
>   (naming scheme lib<library name>.so.<#> and lib<library name>.a, as
>   described in [2])

I think it's a good practice. But you can ask user if static library 
need (WITH_STATIC=yes).

> - If the user requests the debugging version, skip the build of the
>   release version and install the debugging-enabled libraries instead
>   (with the same naming scheme)

IMHO you make a decision as port maintainer.

> - I am not too sure about threading support: Should I install extra
>   multi-threaded versions of the libraries, e.g.
>   lib<library name><#> and lib<library name>-mt.a, or should I
>   install the instead of the single-threaded ones (like in the
>   release vs. debugging version case)?

IMHO special builds of a single-threaded unnecessary for users. But you 
can give them once more option.

I've tried to take into account all user's wishes in my devel/opentop, 
but it became quite tricky although.


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