pfstat and < 5.0

Olivier Tharan olive at
Mon Feb 16 03:55:04 PST 2004

* stan <stanb at> (20040215 19:15):
> I would like to build pfstat on 4.9 STABLE.
> I suspect the reason that it's marked "needs 5.0 or greater" has to do with
> the collection side of this dual fndtion program. In my case, that's doen

The port depends on security/pf which only runs on FreeBSD-5.

> on an OpenBSD mcahine, and I would just like to send teh raw logs over from
> that machine, and generate the fraphs on the FreebSD side.

I thought pf raw logs were readable by tcpdump, but this may have
evolved in two years' time.


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