Current (slapd), uid 0: exited on signal 11 (core dumped)

Edwin Culp eculp at
Sat Feb 14 07:22:39 PST 2004

I'm running current and have been upgrading all my ports as time permits since
the threading change, begining with xfree86, *make, *conf, kde3, etc.
Everything has built and runs perfectly.  I let my guard down and decided to
change from openldap21 to openldap22, compiled and installed it without
problems but when I started slapd it would crash with a signal 11 when first
accessed.  I thought it was a problem with openldap and removed it and did a
fresh install of openldap21 that had been running perfectly.  It then begin to
crash with signal 11's.  I copied the openldap21 libraries and slapd (non of
the user programs)  from another machine that was built before the threading
changes and it runs perfectly again.  I'm sure I must have something stale that
is causing it but have rebuilt everything that I can think of with portupgrade
-Rrufi.  I would really like to get past this to be able to find the next
surprise :-)

Any suggestions will be appreciated.



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