Can't make INDEX-5

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at
Sat Feb 14 08:08:53 PST 2004

> On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 09:48:14PM -0600, Conrad Sabatier wrote:
>> Have you tried "portsdb -Uu"?
>> Works for me.

> That calls 'make index' internally.

> Are you sure you're running 5.x (the index file for older branches is
> called INDEX)?

Yes, I'm sure.  :)  I posted my uname output in the original post.  It's
5.2-CURRENT from Feb 7.

I'm going to try forcing a reinstall of perl and update the ports tree one
more time to see if that helps.

My 5.2-RELEASE and 5.2.1-RC systems (both pre-Feb 7) don't have any problems
building the INDEX-5 files, just this one laptop is having problems.

Freddie Cash
fcash-ml at

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