Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKS

Laurent LEVIER llevier at argosnet.com
Sat Feb 14 00:02:58 PST 2004


Did you read my answer????

Let me quote it again then:

Hi Kris,

At 11:45 06/02/2004, Kris Kennaway wrote:
>Dear port maintainers,
>The following list includes ports maintained by you that have duplicate
>LATEST_LINK values.  They should either be modified to use a unique
>LATEST_LINK or suppressed using NO_LATEST_LINK, to avoid overwriting
>each other in the packages/Latest directory.  If your ports conflict with
>ports maintained by another person, please coordinate your efforts with
>LATEST_LINK          PORTNAME                       MAINTAINER
>hydra               security/hydra                 llevier at argosnet.com
>hydra                www/hydra                      ports at FreeBSD.org

I own security/hydra, but www/hydra is a totally different package.

www/hydra is a http server, while security/hydra is a brute force attack 
tool against some network services (http, pop, ...).

And if I conflict with ports at freebsd.org, that's you. Let's make a deal ;-)

What do we do?



Laurent LEVIER
Systems & Networks Security Expert, CISSP CISM

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