Asterisk and H323

Andre andre at
Fri Feb 13 10:19:43 PST 2004

  I've installed Asterisk 0.7.1 on FreeBSD 4.9. When I run it I get the 
following output:

# asterisk -vvvvvgcd
... several other modules being loaded ...
[]Feb 13 15:52:05 WARNING[134983680]: loader.c:239 
ast_load_resource: /usr/local/lib/asterisk/modules/ 
Undefined symbol "__ls__7ostreamPCc"
Feb 13 15:52:05 WARNING[134983680]: loader.c:407 load_modules: Loading 
module failed!

How can I make find this symbol "__ls__7ostreamPCc"?

Configuring Asterisk to not load the chan_h323 module allows it to run, 
but unfortunately I need it.

Thank you.

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