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Brandon D. Valentine brandon at
Thu Feb 12 01:31:14 PST 2004

On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 10:21:56AM +0100, Alex Dupre wrote:
> Brandon D. Valentine wrote:
> >Now, all of the ports I've seen do this have a corresponding:
> >
> >    %%PORTDOCS%%@rmdir %%DOCSDIR%%
> >
> >or similiar in their pkg-plist.  If NOPORTDOCS is defined, then a
> >deinstall of these ports will complain about not being able to remove
> >DOCSDIR due to that line in the pkg-plist.
> No, if you installed the port with -DNOPORTDOCS, pkg_deinstall will not 
> try to remove the DOCSDIR. The %%PORTDOCS%% macro will in fact be 
> substituted by "@comment ", like for the doc files.

Ah!  You're right.  I missed that.  Makes more sense now.  Thank you!

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