Success - KDE 3.2 running on FreeBSD 5.1 Current

toxa postfix at
Wed Feb 11 16:09:26 PST 2004

> Here's what I had to do:
> Once you have updated your ports tree, you can portupgrade kde (the
> master port) to 3.2 without a problem. If you go beyond that, you will
> begin to have failures unless you follow a careful path...
> In serial fashion - meaning one at a time, not in parallel.
> Update the ports tree (!!)
> portupgrade -f  XFree86-libraries
> portupgrade -f  gmake
> portupgrade -f qt

Actually i can't rebuild qt. It fails during compilation with that spinlock
problem. Ofcourse, I rebuilt XFree-libs, gmake, even qmake, before it. What
may be wrong?

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