How to determine which pthread, was: Re: last libc_r dependenciesleft on current

Marco van de Voort marcov at
Tue Feb 10 14:36:27 PST 2004

(Oops, sorry Fritz, now to the list :-)

> after removing and rebuilding my ports (gettext port upgrade)
> there here are three ports left with "hardcoded" libc_r dependency and
> therefore failed to build:
> x11-toolkits/qt32, lang/gcc34 (not so important) and java/jdk13


lang/fpc-devel (and to a lesser degree lang/fpc) are not libc_r dependant
themselves, but generate libc_r programs when language threading is used.

I'll fix this in the coming weeks, but rather like to do this runtime. 

How can I detect (in a non C/libc program, iow without using headers or
libraries, so in the general FreeBSD environment), whether I should pass
-lc_r to the linker or -lc -lpthread ? 
(sysctl or uname based solutions come to mind)

If this isn't possible I'll use a compile conditional and test the freebsd
version in the port Makefile, but I prefer runtime detection if doable.

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