Checksum error with ghostscript-gnu

Joe Borsits jborsits at
Tue Feb 10 12:58:56 PST 2004

Forgive me I am new to freebsd and Nix in general. I was trying to
install the  meta-port for gnome2. during this process it attempted to
install ghostscript-gnu. A checksum error was found on

The output noted that it tried to get the file from 3 locations and it
kept reporting a problem.

I went to one of the locations and grab the
file myself and still had checksum problems.

The orignial distinfo reports the checksum as

I did and md5sum on the file that was available from the aboved listed
location and got a checksum of 806c486599f91aef46270fde5504bc6f.

I edited the distinfo and used the chceksum I came up with and the
install continued. Just wanted to give you guy's a heads up.

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