Lonely PR's look for committer review

John Merryweather Cooper coop9211 at uidaho.edu
Tue Feb 10 11:09:59 PST 2004

The following PR's are looking for a friendly committer to embrace them 
for review and possible committing:

> o [2004/01/09] ports/61114                  [NEW PORT] databases/fpc-oracle
> o [2004/02/07] ports/62485                  [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] Fix lang/fpc build on -CURRENT
> o [2004/02/07] ports/62497                  [NEW PORT] print/hpijs-cups
> o [2004/02/07] bin/62513                    [SW-BUG] Errant /usr/bin/krb5-config on -STABLE
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62570                  [NEW PORT] devel/fpc-gdb
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62571                  [MAINTAINER-UPDATE] update devel/gdbint to 1.0.10_2
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62573                  [NEW PORT] devel/fpc-fvision
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62574                  [NEW PORT] editors/fpc-ide
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62593                  [NEW PORT] security/fpc-md5
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62599                  [NEW PORT] lang/fpc-docs
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62605                  [NEW PORT] lang/fpc-demo
> o [2004/02/09] ports/62612                  [NEW PORT] archivers/fpc-paszlib
> o [2004/02/10] ports/62620                  [NEW PORT] databases/fpc-ibase
> o [2004/02/10] ports/62621                  [NEW PORT] databases/fpc-mysql
> o [2004/02/10] ports/62623                  [NEW PORT] lang/fpc-base

I am the author of all of these PR's.  Note that PR ports/62623 requires 
   most of the other PR's to function.


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