FreeBSD Port: xawtv-3.90

Francis Mak francis at
Sun Feb 8 08:02:10 PST 2004


    I am trying to install xawtv in my FreeBSD 4.9.  My port tree is up 
to date.
    I did make, and make install.  Everything runs fine, xawtv installed 
under /usr/X11R6/bin/xawtv and I can start the program.

    However, scantv is missing.  Under 
/usr/ports/multimedia/xawtv/work/xawtv-3.91/console there are objects 
files found, e.g. showqt.o, webcam.o, but I don't see scantv.o.  It 
seems that scantv.c not compiled?

    I am not expert in Makefile, so don't know how to trace the missing 
line, would you please advice me on how to fix this?

    Thank you.


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