setting autoconf version?

Andy Fawcett andy at
Sat Feb 7 08:43:08 PST 2004

On Saturday 07 February 2004 18:32, Liam Foy wrote:
> Louis Munro wrote:
> >On February 7, 2004 11:22 am, Louis Munro wrote:
> >>I have
> >>autoconf-2.13.000227_5, autoconf-2.53_1 and autoconf-2.57_1
> >> installed concurrently. The problem is telling my system which one
> >> to use as it defaults to 2.13.000227_5.
> >
> >Sorry, that should have read
> >The problem is telling my system which one to use as it
> >defaults to 2.53_1.
> >I don't think it fundamentally changes anything but there it is...
> >My mistake.
> >
> >Louis
> According to Andy Fawcett this is a bogus error, but if you updated
> your ports this morning
> this should not be the case. Did you do a make deinstall on the old
> autoconfs? did it error our?

Ok, let me explain a bit more...

The problem here was in the kdevelop port. It should never have needed 
to call autofuck in the first place, and this has now been fixed.

As to why it cannot find the correct version of autoconf, this is 
basically because the names of the autoconf binary is different from 
what the KDE stuff expects. We have autoconf257, but most Linux systems 
for example would have it as autoconf2.57 or maybe autoconf-2.57

It's a PITA, and it would be nice if we had a full set of 
"compatibility" symlinks in the autotools ports.


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