Renaming port moscow_ml

SørenDebois debois at
Fri Feb 6 06:00:36 PST 2004

Hi there, 

I've been working on the lang/moscow_ml port. I'd like to submit the
changes as a new port 'mosml-2.01', since this is the name generally
used for the Moscow ML system.

Is this a no-no? Is there some procedure for doing this?

In case anybody cares, here's the list of updates:

        - New upstream version
        - Flag as RESTRICTED
        - Avoid installing everything under ${PREFIX}/mosml
        - Installs more examples 
        - Fix broken installation of dynamically loaded modules
        - Add installation of Regex dyn. loaded interface.
        - Add installation of readmes and licensing stuff
        - Respect NOPORTDOCS

	--- Debois

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