gettext 0.13.1 problem?

Xin LI delphij at
Thu Feb 5 06:16:10 PST 2004

Hi all,

I have went into a problem related to the devel/gettext port.
When running make all from devel/gettext, I got the following:

===>  Vulnerability check disabled
===>  Extracting for gettext-0.13.1
>> Checksum OK for gettext-0.13.1.tar.gz.
===>  Patching for gettext-0.13.1
===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for gettext-0.13.1
Ignoring previously applied (or reversed) patch.
1 out of 1 hunks ignored--saving rejects to gettext-tools/misc/
>> Patch failed to apply cleanly.
>> Patch(es) patch-ad patch-ak patch-gettext-runtime_configure patch-gettext-tools_configure applied cleanly.
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/devel/gettext.

By removing and
patch-gettext-tools_misc_po-mode.el, the port built properly.
It seems that patch-ad and patch-ak are essentially duplicate
of the two files mentioned above.

Or, shall we just remove patch-a*?

Thanks in advance!


Xin LI <delphij frontfree net>
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