SIZE different between MASTER_SITE(s) and for some ports

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Mon Feb 2 14:12:03 PST 2004

In gmane.os.freebsd.devel.ports, you wrote:

>> =====> Fetching for /usr/ports/misc/floatator/
> The distfile was re-rolled but "diff -burN" showed no changes.  I added
> the new MD5 and size.

Unfortunately, this results in:

  fetch -S 52768 52770

So, I think removing the first size is the best (quick) fix, since those
who have the original file won't be calling fetch and those who don't
will likely grab it from a MASTER_SITE.  But if the MASTER_SITEs are
down and the distfile caches report the file size (and have the original
distfile), this will make the fetch fail unnecessarily.

However, unless (and fetch(1)) can be made to work properly
with multiple SIZEs, I think removing the pre-reroll MD5 and SIZE and
making the new distfile propagate to all distfile caches is the best
long-term fix.  All MASTER_SITEs which are supposed to be mirrors but
have the pre-reroll distfile(s) can be quickly skipped if they report
file sizes or commented out if they result in unnecessary fetches.
(Removing SIZEs and/or allowing outdated mirrors to go unnoticed until
the next software release are not good alternatives, IMO.)

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