FreeBSD Port: unison-2.9.20_1

Dan Pelleg daniel+unison at
Mon Feb 2 06:53:40 PST 2004

Ryan Merrick <sandshirmp at> writes:

> Hello,
> The ports description and port index misled me to look at other
> synchronization tools because XFree86 and a number of other ports are listed
> as required. After talking with a friend who uses unison and verifying his
> negative response in the Makefile. I built the port with no options and
> XFree86-libraries were not required.
> The actual requirements for my build was:
> ocaml-3.07_1 tcl-8.4.5,1 tk-8.4.5,1 gmake
> -- 
> -Ryan Merrick
> sandshrimp at

Did you build a GUI version? The port's makefile doesn't list anything
other than gmake and ocaml. To the best of my knowledge, it doesn't need
tcl or tk unless you build the GUI (and the current port doesn't support

I'm not sure how INDEX works - seem that the tcl,tk, and X dependencies in
it are inherited from ocaml.


  Dan Pelleg

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