HEADS UP: linux_base-8 upgrade requires immediate testing

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at cox.net
Tue Dec 28 14:31:14 PST 2004

On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 23:07:58 +0100, Alexander Leidinger  
<Alexander at Leidinger.net> wrote:

> Am Montag, den 27.12.2004, 18:10 -0600 schrieb Jeremy Messenger:
>> I only notice many problems with linux ports are that those pkg-plist  
>> need
>> to be fix. Sorry, I forgot to '>&' to create log because it was over
>> scroll in my screen when I 'pkg_delete -f linux-\*' to deinstall linux
>> apps then 'pkg_delete -f linux\*' to deinstall linux_base-8. More like
>> linux_base-8, linux-XFree86-libs, linux-atk, linux-pango, linux-gtk2 and
>> few other linux-* pkg-plist.
> You got those messages because you used "pkg_delete -f". They aren't
> deinstalled in reversed dependency order, they are deinstalled in either
> lexicographic order ("ls -1d /var/db/pkg/linux*") or in create-time
> order ("find /var/db/pkg -name linux\* -print")... I'm too laze to look
> up which order is used. If you use pkg_deinstall (from portupgrade
> fame), it deinstalls in the reversed dependency order.

I am comparing it with vanilla and patched. The patched version shows more  

> This doesn't means the patch is free of flaws. An experimental build on
> the cluster showed some problems. We've through several rounds of
> bugfixing. So far (the patch you've tested) we've fixed the major
> problems (except one or two which we are investigating right now). Some
> minor ones (since Kris hasn't forwarded those yet, I assume those are
> general flaws of the current state of our linux-bits in the ports
> collection :-) ) can be fixed after the patch hits the tree.

Great, I will let experimental build to take care of pkg-plist complains  

Off point: Do anyone know any good tricks & hints for tweak font? In my  
system, the fonts look blurry (too antialias) in linux-opera and  
linux-realplayer. Maybe, I will need to tweak with one of hintfull,  
hintmedium or hintslight to see if it will help.

Thanks for your work!


> Bye,
> Alexander.

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