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M. L. Dodson bdodson at scms.utmb.edu
Thu Dec 9 20:04:48 PST 2004

On Thursday 09 December 2004 05:16 pm, Stephen Montgomery-Smith wrote:
> I would like to use the Intel Fortran Compiler that is installed by the
> lang/ifc port.  I followed the downloading instructions that come as a
> result of "make fetch" but Intel sent me l_fc_p_8.1.018.tar.gz, but the
> port requires l_fc_pc_8.0.046.tar.gz and l_fc_pc_8.0.046_pe050.1.tar.gz.
> So here are my questions:
> 1.  Is it likely that lang/ifc will be updated soon?
> 2.  Or is it possible to get hold of l_fc_pc_8.0.046.tar.gz and
> l_fc_pc_8.0.046_pe050.1.tar.gz from somewhere, and if so, will the
> non-commercial license that Intel sent me still work on this older
> version? 3.  Or if I were to try to update the port myself, would a
> simple substitution of distfiles and a few other things in the Makefile
> do the job?
> I did a search on the mailing list of ports, and I saw some kind of
> discussion - maybe lseek doesn't work quite right or something.  But my
> applications will be doing numerical calculations, and so if an lseek
> here or there doesn't work quite right, I can live with this.  Anyway,
> all this discussion seemed to take place in April or May, and I wonder
> if people are still thinking about it?
> Thanks, Stephen
> P.S. The lang/icc port seems to work great, and for computationally
> intensive calculations seems to be faster than the gcc that comes with
> FreeBSD 5.3.

Log onto premier.intel.com (I think that's the name, look at the
info you received when you registered).  Browse around and you
should be able to find the right distfile.  In the past, I've also
just copied the port, changed the distfile specs in the Makefile
to point to the one I had, did a "make makesum", and it compiled
and worked with no problem (this was with fortran, version 7, I

In the past having both ifc and icc ports installed at the same
time really messed things up.  Caveat emptor.

Good luck.
Bud Dodson
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