multimedia/vlc being maintained?

Sean McNeil sean at
Mon Aug 30 23:02:43 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-30 at 22:37, Dirk Meyer wrote:
> > Just wondering if anyone is working on this port.  It is marked broken
> > for no reason with the -CURRENT kernel.  I've already sent a patch to
> > fix the compilation with pthreads and it should work for all versions of
> > FreeBSD.  I never heard a word back, though, from anyone about it.
> I mailed tow times.
> Please put myself out of your spam-filter.

Sincere apologies.  I will check to see what is going on there.

> as I wrote before, this problem is not fixed.
> vlc crashes in the default thread libarys.

I am running -CURRENT on an amd64 and I have absolutely no problem
playing an MPEG-2 file.  All that is required is the patch I sent.

> I confirm it runs if you have older binaries installed.
> I have not yet found the conflicting depeendecy.

I installed vlc-0.7.2_1 with that patch.  Is that now an older version? 
Looks like the most recent from the Makefile.

> kind regards Dirk
> - Dirk Meyer, Im Grund 4, 34317 Habichtswald, Germany
> - [dirk.meyer at],[dirk.meyer at],[dinoex at]

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