Broken port palm/prc-tools "Incorrect pkg-plist" - Questions for fix

Alexander Koch ak+fbsd-ports at
Mon Aug 30 14:45:57 PDT 2004

Thus spoke Alexander Koch:
> Also the PREFIX is set to /usr/local/pilot, so that 'make
> deinstall' or pkg_delete does not remove the directory completly
> (but without warnings ;). The port use its own PREFIX since the
> earlys revisions. I think it is because prc-tools must install
> some gcc stuff before prc-tools can compile successful. Can I
> leave this problem for someone else or is it sufficient to remove
> /usr/local/pilot completly during deinstallation? I have not
> found another port which use this prefix.

I have found NO_MTREE and defined it, so only directorys in which
the port copies files are left after deinstallation. Can I put
this directorys in pkg-plist to leave a clean system after
deinstalltion? No other port uses $LOCALBASE/pilot as prefix (at
least at the moment).

I have tryed to understand why the port use a own PREFIX, but my
programmer skils are not the best and I think it is because the
port installs a own version of gcc/binutils to cross-compile for
the Palm arch. Perhaps I understand this in some months ... but
for the moment I will leave the PREFIX.


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