Missing SSL support in core php4

Michael Ranner mranner at jawa.at
Mon Aug 30 00:08:37 PDT 2004

Am Sonntag, 29. August 2004 12:35 schrieb Michael Ranner:
> Hello!
> First it was a great idea to build PHP extensions from different ports like
> NetBSD's pkgsrc does. But it seems, thhat one thing was overseen:
> If you build the OpenSSL extension completely not with the main PHP build,
> you have no SSL support in some of the core functions like "fsockopen".
> Therefore it's not possible to use the squirrelmail port with SSL or TLS
> support to connect with cyrus imap or other IMAP/POP3 server software.
> So I did search for an acceptable solution, but it seems to need some
> further hacking:
> If you build PHP4 with "--with-openssl=${OPENSSLBASE}" you will have SSL
> support in core functions but also PGP includes the static OpenSSL
> extension which conflicts with the php4-openssl port.
> Now I tried to build PHP4 with "--with-openssl=shared,${OPENSSLBASE}", you
> have SSL support in core functions, but you have to prevent PHP4 from
> installung the shared extension, because its not listed in pkg-plist and/or
> conflicts with the php4-openssl port.

Ok, some news, PHP core functions include SSL support only if compiled with 
static OpenSSL extension "--with-openssl=${OPENSSLBASE}". Now it seems to me 
like a bug in the PHP4 build.

/\/\ichael Ranner

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