XFree86-4 in make.conf

Walter Venable weaseal at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 29 21:22:12 PDT 2004

>From: Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at math.missouri.edu>
>To: x11 at FreeBSD.org, ports at FreeBSD.ORG
>Subject: XFree86-4 in make.conf
>Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 21:52:57 -0500
>I was looking at pkg-message in the XFree86-4 port.  Shouldn't there be 
>done a
>In fact I was surprized when I tried FreeBSD-5.3 today and building ports 
>unexpectedly caused me to build xorg rather than xfree86-4.  I did find the 
>info I needed in ports/UPDATING, but I do think that XFree86-4/pkg-message 
>should also be appropriately changed.

A couple of things:
xorg is the default X windows system in 5.3.  You must explicitly say if you 
want Xfree86.  See below.  Also, you are talking about two intentionally 
separate directives.  The one that asks XFREE86_VERSION was put in place 
when Xfree86-4 came onto the scene and some people may have still preferred 
version 4 over version 3.  The X_WINDOW_SYSTEM directive lets you choose 
between Xorg and Xfree86.

-Walter Venable

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