KDE ports documentation (Was: ports/70714: [port update]misc/bibletime: update to 1.4.1)

Sergey Matveychuk sem at FreeBSD.org
Sat Aug 28 04:23:44 PDT 2004

OK. I an not sure about KDE ports. So, let's ask it in ports@ for the 
right decision.

Willem van Engen wrote:

> Hi Sem,
> Thanks first of all :)
> But when I look at other KDE ports, HTML documentation is often
> installed in share/docs/HTML/%%LANG%%/%%PORTNAME%%, examples being
> misc/kwordquiz, graphics/kimdaba, graphics/kooka, devel/kdevelop.
> I see opera doing some DATADIR substitution, but it doesn't seem to have
> docbook documentation. Would there be an example of a KDE-using port
> that changes the docbook documentation directory?
> - Willem
> p.s. Would this be something for -ports mailinglist? You're free to cc
> them on replying if you wish.
> On Fri, 27 Aug 2004 23:00:38 +0400
> Sergey Matveychuk <sem at FreeBSD.org> wrote:
>>Ok. I've committed it. But I'd like to note: the documentation is 
>>installed in wrong place. It should be in DOCSDIR dir.
>>Fix it please ASAP.
>>Thank you for contributing!


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