PHP4 Options file ?

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Fri Aug 27 18:38:46 PDT 2004

On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Rick Updegrove wrote:

> Marc G. Fournier said the following on 8/26/2004 8:01 PM:
>> Under the old system, I could define a PHP4_OPTFILE in /etc/make.conf so 
>> that I didn't have to remember what options I had set across upgrades ... 
>> that no longer appears to work with the new PHP4 format ...
>> Is there any way of doing it now?
>> I checked the Makefile, and noticed the OPTIONFILE directive, but when I 
>> tried to change my make.conf to use that, and it still built everything 
>> that I didn't want :(
>> Also, if that is it, can it be changed to something that is a bit more PHP 
>> specific like it used to be, so that there is little chance of another port 
>> using the same thing?
> su-2.05b$ more /usr/ports/lang/php4-extensions/pkg-descr
> This is a "meta-port" to install the extensions for PHP 4.
> Defaults to:
> ctype, mysql, overload, pcre, posix, session, tokenizer, xml and zlib.
> WWW:

Right, and how does this answer my question above about making use of the 
old PHP4_OPTFILE that was in the older ports?  Now, I figured out that the 
one change from the old versin to this one is that you have to set both 
WITH_ and WITHOUT_ variables ... but, the big thing that I don't like with 
the new version is that it uses an OPTIONFILE define, which could cause 
problems if another ports decides to use the same thing ...

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