R. W. list-freebsd-2004 at morbius.sent.com
Fri Aug 27 07:15:40 PDT 2004

On Friday 27 August 2004 13:12, Adam Stroud wrote:
> Hey all:
> I have built (from the ports) KDE and xscreensaver.  Now I am trying
> to again build Gnome2 from the ports and the istallation breaks when
> trying to install xscreensaver-gnome stating that it conflicts with
> xscreensaver.  When I do a okg_delete to xscreensaver the system
> states that this has such dependencies as KDE.  My question, is it
> safe to force a delete of xscreensaver and install
> xscreensaver-gnome?  Will that break any of the KDE componenets?  Any
> comments/directives would be appreciated.

It seems that the port xscreensaver-kde depends on the gnome version if 
it find certain gnome related files, or otherwise it depends on the 
xscreensaver version.

I would delete xscreensaver, install the gnome one, and then force a  
rebuild of xscreensaver-kde (to be on the safe side)


Incidently I have xscreensaver-gnome with KDE because I used to have 
gnome. Does anyone know which which is the better with just KDE?

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