Ports and jails

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Fri Aug 27 05:41:54 PDT 2004

Alessandro Dellavedova wrote:

> In our infrastructure we use some daemons (bind, dhcp, openldap) that  
> must run into a jail for security reasons.. do you think that having a  
> keyword JAILED=YES in the Makefiles of ports would be useful ?

openldap could be run without opening a TCP/IP socket (by using UNIX 
domain sockets), bind chrooted as a non-priviledged user and dhcpd often 
needs to listen to more than one interface (and not to externally 
reachable ones), so a jail is not always a "must".

> Something like make install PREFIX=/path/to/jail JAILED=YES will be  
> difficult to implement ?

jails are complete subsystems, so you could either compile the port 
inside the jail, or use a package building system and install it by 
pkg_add(1). Installing from a port into a jail is not really supported, 
and I don't see any necessity to do so.


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