.include "files/somefile" before .include <bsd.port.pre.mk>

Mathieu Arnold mat at FreeBSD.org
Thu Aug 26 13:41:53 PDT 2004

+-Le 26/08/2004 23:32 +0300, Ion-Mihai Tetcu a dit :
| Hi,
| Is it legal to include a file from files _before_ including
| bsd.port.pre.mk ?
| I need to obtain some long lists ( of DISTFILES and slave ports) and
| having them in a separate file would make maintenance much more easy.
| The problem I see is that .CURDIR is not defined; does this break
| something ?

.CURDIR is an internal make variable, it's not defined by bsd.*.mk :

mat $ cat Makefile
        @echo ${.CURDIR}
mat $ make test

What problem are you trying to solve ?

Mathieu Arnold
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