mplayer, bktr, and s-video vs. RCA in

Damian Gerow dgerow at
Wed Aug 25 21:53:23 PDT 2004

I just picked up a bktr device (AverMedia UltraTV PCI 350), and I'm having
some trouble getting the S-Video input to work properly.  RCA input seems to
work fine (the picture's a bit fuzzy, though), but the S-Video input looks
almost like there's two images overlaid on each other.  Sometimes I only get
black and white, sometimes it's in colour.

I've Googled around for a fair bit, but haven't been able to solve my
problem yet.  I've changed all of the outfmt options to no avail.  Can
anyone give me any pointers on using mplayer with bktr(4)?  I'm at a bit of
a loss for getting a clear picture, and would like to get the S-Video cable
working properly.

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