Thunderbird and gpg plugin

Alex Dupre ale at
Wed Aug 25 15:51:10 PDT 2004

Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

> From the command line, I could only do the install in a clean fashion. 
> As root, however, I could use the GUI to uninstall the extension.  To do
> that from the command line would be a nightmare since the install
> touches so many files :-(.

Exactly :-( Now it's impossible to enable/disable the extension by 
simply copying some files and adding a couple of rows into 
installed-chrome.txt. Instead it's possible to install it via the 
-install-global-extension command-line parameter (that touches many 
files), but there isn't an -uninstall equivalent parameter, so I don't 
know how to handle it. Suggestions?

Alex Dupre

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