database tables for VuXML

Jacques Vidrine nectar at
Wed Aug 25 12:18:06 PDT 2004

On Aug 23, 2004, at 9:54 AM, Dan Langille wrote:
> The package names?  I think you are referring to PORTVERSION and
> PORTREVISION.  For example, 1.34.6 is PORTVERSION, and 2 is the
> PORTREVISION.  This information is generated from the following:
> Is that what you are referring to?

You accidently answered my question :-)  I guess you have set those 
whenever the commit mail came in ... so the view of past package 
versions is from past executions of `make -V'.

I wish I could `cd /usr/ports/some/app && make package-names' to get a 
list of all package names this port ever built.  or some such.

> I welcome example icons!
> I was thinking to link people to the internal FreshPorts pages, and
> from there to the official pages if they want
> additional information.

Sounds great.  I imagine you probably generate the pages from your 
database, but if you need any help with rendering directly from the 
XML, lemme know.

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